Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flashback Friday!



These pictures are now almost two years old... The time really does fly! She was such a beautiful baby and has continued to grow into the prettiest of toddlers. She is her Daddy's girl and her Momma's world! Averi "flashbacks" are my favorite!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Picture Recap #1 ♥

Picture recap #1: Some of my favorite details from our special day  



Friday, February 8, 2013


I haven't blogged in way too long and I so miss it. There has been a lot going on lately but the most exciting news is that we bought our first home! I cannot tell you what an awesome feeling it is, after a long and very patient wait. We have worked so incredibly hard over the past two years and sacrificed quite a bit to get into the best possible position to buy a home. When we first started chit-chatting about purchasing a home, we had pretty much figured we would only qualify for a certain amount (that amount not being much), which would in turn have us settling for something that wasn't quite our first choice. Two years ago, we both had credit scores that weren't the greatest. Not horrible, but not where we would need them to be to qualify for a home at a good rate. David and I both had made silly choices in our teenage years that affected our credit and we had never done anything to take care of it (because at that time, it wasn't a priority, go figure). In addition to our credit issue, we each had a little bit of debt we needed to get paid off. Long story short, my debt is completely paid off and the only thing we have left is a small portion to pay off on David's student loan. Both of our credit scores are now what is considered excellent, and that my friends is something we are so proud of! All within the last two years. Thank you my sweet Averi, for giving us a reason to better ourselves in every way imaginable.
The past two years, we have lived in the apartment complex that David manages, and while I am super thankful that we had a roof over our heads and next to nothing to pay in rent, I am MORE than ready to move into our new home. We were able to put back money and pay all of our debt off because of the discount David received for living onsite. While the location is below average and we would never choose to live in this area again, I will always remember apartment 2141, where I went from a girlfriend, to a mother, to a fiance, and to a wife. And where David started as a boyfriend, then became a father, and a fiance and then a husband. For not being in the greatest part of town, and in a small apartment with a princess who has a ton of toys, we sure did make some wonderful memories. This is where we brought our daughter home from the hospital. I will be forever grateful.
Now, to our new home deets.. Our new house is in Cedar Park and was just finished being built last month! It is a one story, stone DR Horton home, and we are absolutely in love with it. Three bedrooms and two baths, big closets, gorgeous bathrooms, a huge utility room, a kitchen to die for, a giant covered patio and just enough of a backyard for Averi to play and Kehilo to run around. And ontop of that, the appliance package is included! We had the option to either do stainless steel or black appliances and we went with black. While stainless is pretty, when you have sticky fingers touching everything, it is near impossible to keep clean (right, mom and dad?!), plus the black looks pretty sharp with the granite and cabinet colors. So, not only are all the kitchen appliances included, but a brand new washer and dryer come with it as well! Landscaping in front and back, sprinkler system already installed and ready to go, window treatments, and security system. I cannot tell you how blessed we feel. This home, OUR home, is more than we could have ever imagined. Especially with it being our very first home. The best feeling is knowing we did it all by ourselves, we worked our butts off for it. The past two years of declining events and going out with friends (spending money) to save money have been so worth it. We cannot wait to host get-togethers and holidays at our house!
Three weeks until we move into our beautiful home!