Sunday, August 19, 2012

Part I Of Ave's BirthDAY: San Antonio Zoo

This post is LONG overdue, but better late than never! 

For Averi's actual 1st Birthday, which landed on a Thursday (May 31st), David took off and we went and spent the day at the San Antonio Zoo. It was so much fun and Averi did exceptionally well! She loved looking at all the animals (minus the reptiles), and even picked out a monkey souvenir before we left. The monkeys were her favorite (probably why she chose the monkey in the gift shop, when given a few animals to choose from), and the reptiles were for sure her least favorite. Anytime David would try and show her them, she would start to cry and cling to his neck. All the animal watching finally wore her out, but she got a good nap in while we walked around the bird exhibit and was well rested for part II of her birthday DAY. I was snapping all the pictures so didn't get too many of Averi and I, but did manage to come out of the day with one of her and I, and one of all three of us! Better than nothing! Part II of her special day will be in the next post, so be sure to check back! You won't want to miss it! ;-) 

On another quick note, we finally took Averi in for her 12 month checkup and shots (at 14 months). She weighed 23 lbs, and was 33 inches tall. In the 50th percentile for weight, and 90th percentile for height. And I know, percentiles don't mean much. That isn't why I post hers. I post them merely so that I can look back and read them later on down the road and know where she was at this point. Anyways, Doc said she looked perfect, a happy and healthy baby girl! She has been getting real milk since she hit twelve months, and same with actual foods. She does great with her hard spout cups, and we are almost completely weaned off the bottle. Ave started walking at about mid to late July and is now a walking machine! Anywhere we go, she would rather be walking. And when it comes to our walks, the wagon is so much more hip to ride in than the stroller. She knows all sorts of words, animals, and sounds now, and loves doing hand gestures when she sings and dances. And let me tell you, this girl LOVES to sing and dance. She really is such a smart kid, and I don't just say that because I'm partial. Ask anyone that is around her! We love her so much and thank God everyday for her. She brings so much joy and happiness to our lives, and to the lives around her. She is and will always be our precious little angel. 

The first two pictures are from her 12 month checkup (at 14 months), and the rest are from our Zoo day! Enjoy and come back to see the rest of Ave's special day! 


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