Monday, August 6, 2012


Patience pays off, and I am finally a full time employee for Texas AFT! I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am! I have worked for the company on a temporary basis over the past 10 months, and was really   hoping for the opportunity to be brought on permanently. After what seemed like an eternity, I figured it was time to "throw in the towel", and just continue the job search. About a week later, I was offered a full-time position! I guess patience pays off! I was once again reminded that God's timing prevails, and not to doubt that He has a plan for me. Things will happen when they are supposed to, not when I want them to. 

A little info on the job, for those of you curious:

Texas AFT is the Texas State Affiliate of the 1.3 million-member American Federation of Teachers and represents more than 57,000 members statewide.
The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is an American labor union founded in 1916 that represents teachers, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel; local, state and federal employees; higher education faculty and staff, and nurses and other healthcare professionals. It is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
The AFT is the second-largest education labor union in the United States.

If you couldn't already tell, I am thrilled to have been offered this opportunity. I enjoy going into work, and love the people I work with. I couldn't ask for a better place to start a career. And, in addition to actually enjoying my J-O-B, having a second income with excellent benefits means new and exciting things for our little family! It is SUCH a blessing. 

A big thank you to everyone who kept me in your thoughts and prayers during my waiting (and hoping) for this opportunity! 


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