Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Averi's Latest & Greatest ♥

As I look over my last few posts, I realize I haven't really given a general update on my sweet girl. With all the Birthday pictures, and so much happening over the last few months, it slipped my mind. Tsk tsk, I know!

Averi is now a year and almost two weeks old! She is just growing like a weed, and getting more brilliant by the day. When we went to the doctor this morning, she weighed 22 lbs. They didn't measure her for height since it was just a sick visit, but my guess is that she is 29-30 inches long. That little lady has some long legs, just like her daddy! That being said, her weight and height are looking excellent according to the Doctor. She is still right around the 50th percentile. 

She gets around still by scooting, and has got it down to an art. She crawls "normally" too, but definitely prefers her 3 legged maneuver over the norm. It is just too much fun to watch. She pulls herself up onto everything and pushes the ottomans, activity tables, and chairs all around the house (she uses them for support to walk behind). She is not walking on her own yet, and I suspect it will be a couple more weeks before she braves that task. She is confident walking with her walker and with the help of our hands, but as soon as she doesn't have something to hold onto, her little bottom makes a beeline to the ground. As I have said before, I am a firm believer that all kids develop at their own pace, and I am in no hurry to speed it up. While I absolutely love watching Ave grow and mold into her own personality, it is very bittersweet. Time has never flown as fast as it has since I had a baby. 

Words, words, words... Averi LOVES to talk! She learns new words every day, and it amazes me how much her little brain remembers. In addition to saying mama, dada, and bye bye, she has also added dog, duck, book, bubbles, and ball to her vocabulary. Not only does she say the words, but she also associates them with their meaning. For example, if you ask her where the dog is, she will look to Kehilo and point.  We are also working with her to identify her body parts. So far, she has ear, nose and mouth down, and will point to them when you ask her. Today she learned how to put up one finger for how old she is. I have to say, that one is absolutely precious. She gets so excited when we clap for her accomplishments, she LOVES to clap with us! She claps for everyone and everything, and same with waving. She is such a sweet little girl, we are truly blessed. 

She now eats just about everything, and in the next few weeks will be off formula and onto regular milk! She loves her toast in the mornings with apple butter and a piece of pineapple. For lunch, she usually munches on cut up turkey or chicken strips and chunks of string cheese and a veggie. And dinner she will get whatever we are having and her yogurt (she loves her yogurt). Most of the time, at least. I recently discovered that she really likes tomatoes! So strange but I'm not complaining! She is making it that much easier to raise a healthy eater. I cut up a couple cherry tomatoes into quarters and she went to town on them. Ate every last one that I gave her. I was one proud mama! :-) She has only been getting three bottles a day now; one in the morning, one mid-day, and one before bedtime instead of every few hours. She has done extremely well with the change, and since she is eating actual food now, she isn't as hungry for her bottle. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that Miss Averi is a singing and dancing baby for sure. Anytime you put music on, she starts bobbing up and down, which is her form of dancing right now. She also does it if you ask her to! And when you sing to her, she sings back, in that adorable soft baby voice. It just melts my heart. Apparently when she goes to visit grandma and grandpa, she watches Glee, and according to them, she is quite the fan. 

I think that sums up the latest and greatest (from the words of Sabine) for Averi Elizabeth. She amazes me daily, and just when I think I can't possibly love her anymore than I already do, I love her even more. 

Thank you God, for my greatest blessing. 


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