Friday, June 1, 2012

♥ Averi's FIRST Birthday Bash ♥

Wowza! It is June 1st, and I officially have a one year old! As usual, I haven't posted in a while. Though, since I am a SAHM again, I am hoping to pick up where I left off. 

We celebrated our sweet Averi's first birthday last Sunday with all of our closest friends and family. It turned out absolutely perfect, and Ave had a blast with all of her little friends. The theme of her birthday was a pool party, since she loves to swim, and since she is a summer baby! The weather was perfect, and the pool was the hot spot for the kids! The decorations, thanks to the help of my crafty momma and aunt, turned out super cute and so much fun! I can't even begin to thank everyone who helped with with her party, from helping set up to making dips and goodies to munch on. And just as equally, each and every one of you that came and made her party so much fun. We couldn't have asked for a better group of people to celebrate our angel's first birthday with us! 

Now, if you know my family, you know that no matter the occasion, pictures are taken. Since this was a very special day, you can bet that lots of shots were snapped. Here are a few of some of the decorations: 

(The goodie table! Look at how adorable the banners and the lining around the table are!) 

(Since it was a pool party, we had sweet treats that were named after pool toys! They turned out darling!)

(Miss Ave's carrot smash cake made by Flour Box Cakery)

(Absolutely delicious cupcakes we ordered from Flour Box Cakery)

(lollipops for our guests!)

(High chair decorations for smash cake time, and her precious birthday girl hat)

(Lower portion of her banner)

(Averi's gift table! She has a lot of people who love her, to say the least! We are so blessed!)

(The ceiling on the patio was made to look like a beach ball! It was so awesome, and the kiddos loved it!)

(Ceiling again when the sun went down)

The Birthday Girl!

Not to worry, these are just a few. Stay tuned for Monday's post, which will have more pictures of our Birthday guests and fun, and of Ave opening her presents! I will also talk more about her cake and outfit and where we ordered them from, two ladies who are absolutely awesome to work with! 


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