Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Petting ZOO for itty bitty hands ♥

The Saturday before Easter, we went with David's sister, Sabine and her family to a little Easter festival they had in their neighborhood. It was too fun and adorabley (is that even a word?) cute to watch the little ones in the petting area. It was perfect for little kids, because instead of having to chase goats and pigs around a pen with 800 other kids, you sat on a little step stool and put a mat over your lap and the nice ladies that ran the tent put an animal on your lap to pet. Averi got to hold a bunny and a little duckling, and Anna held a bunny and her favorite, a turtle! Ave wasn't too into it and could really care less that she had a furry little creature on her lap but it was still fun to experience anyways.


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