Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Missed a month!

My oh my! It's been exactly one month since my last post, and SO much has happened since then! You'd think with so much going on that I wouldn't have any trouble finding something to blog about. And that is correct, there has been lots to blog about, just not enough time in the day!

Since my last post, Averi has celebrated her first Easter, her first petting zoo, and her first bluebonnet experience. And unfortunately, in addition to all the fun firsts, she has also had the displeasure of experiencing her first illness and first trip(s) to the ER.
She came down with a virus exactly a week ago and we ended up in the emergency room twice on Tuesday. She couldn't keep anything down and was extremely lethargic. Not only that, but she was drawing her legs up and crying out in pain consistantly throughout the day. It was the most heartbreaking experience. The first trip to the emergency room, we ended up with a doctor that was about as helpful as a rock. For those of you familiar with Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, his name is Dr. Harold Schwabb. If you happen to end up in the ER with him as your doctor, you might as well head to another facility, otherwise, be sure you request to see someone else. He really left me with a bad taste in my mouth for the hospital. And i'll be the first to tell you, I had nothing short of a wonderful birthing experience there. I loved the place, until recently. It's very apparent they are just plain lazy in the emergency department. He didn't bother to feel Averi's stomach or be concerned about the pain she was in. Just said it was most likely a virus and that it would run its course. It really infuriates me just thinking about it. Needless to say, we ended up back at the hospital a few hours later because she couldn't even keep her meds down. We were able to see a different doctor who was seemingly more helpful, and at least took further steps to be sure it wasn't something more serious. Thankfully Ave was getting better day by day, but still was only have to have .2 ml of pedialyte or juice every couple hours. I felt horrible for her, I knew she was hungry but we weren't able to give her more than a syringe-ful of liquids at a time for fear of backpeddling and ending up at square one again.

Though she hasn't had a vommiting incident since last week, we ended up at Dell Children's Hospital last night. We got there at 9, didn't see a doctor until 1:30am, and didn't get home until 3am. Needless to say, it was a looooong night, and I am definitely feeling it today. We took her in because we had been concerned with the lack of nutrition she was getting over the past week, and the weight she had lost. Since she had been sick last week, she hasn't been able to drink more than an ounce of milk at a time without drawing her legs up in pain and crying hysterically. She then pushes her bottle away and won't drink anymore. The doctor last night told us that it was very likely that the virus had damaged the lining of her small intestine, therefore preventing her little body from being able to digest the proteins and sugars in the milk. Thankfully it should only be temporary and should heal up over some time. Until then she will get a formula with the proteins and sugars already broken down for her. The doctor told us her stomach should be able to tolerate that. We finally got discharged at around 2:30 and were home by 3. I must add though, that I have the most easy going and patient baby girl out there. Between her three hosptial trips, and all the waiting, you'd think it would be a mess. It totally wasn't. She was quiet, and didn't fuss at all when she had to have her vitals taken or her belly pushed on. And she took her x-ray like a pro. Just laid quietly, looking around. She loved waving to every single nurse that walked by, and she definitely had some fans by the time we left. She is such an angel.

Now that I have written a novel, I'll post some pictures! I plan on doing seperate posts for her Easter, petting zoo, and bluebonnet pictures. Here are some random pictures over the last week.

This is how she looked every day when she was sick last week. :-(
Being such a good girl on her hospital bed.
This is the day after her hospital trips last week. The bear she is holding was given to her by one of her fans (nurses).
Holding her own medicine. That smile was a light to see after her rough day.
Averi got this cute little chair from David's parents for Easter. She wasn't so sure about it at first, and now she just loves it! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Moreno!
Snuggling with Dad after a rough few days.
Averi and Grandpa at dinner. Trying to take her mind off feeling lousy.
And last but not least, this was last night at about midnight at Dell, waiting to see the doctor.
Okay, that's all for this update. I'm hoping to keep it up and fill you in on the more fun firsts that I have missed out on blogging about. Stay tuned!


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Praying for you guys!!! Amelia reallyyyy misses her play dates, she told me so yesterday ;)

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