Monday, April 23, 2012

Averi's 1st Hospital Stay

Well, as the title of this post states, our sweet baby girl was admitted to Dell Children's Medical Center on Wednesday. If you remember me writing about how sick she was last week, and the severe abdominal pain she was having then you are pretty much up to date. Only the doctor we saw on Monday did not diagnose her properly (for the third time).On Wednesday, my grandmother (who watches Averi during the days while David and I work) called me at work and told me Ave was continuing to have the stomach pain and was just not herself still. It was then that I called the Seton nurse hotline and spoke with an RN over the phone. She said that Averi needed to be seen in the ER immediately. She gave me two conditions to ask the doctor about and told me I may have to be forceful when making sure they checked for them (since it was obvious that none of the other doctors in our 3 emergency room trips had felt it necessary to check for them). Appendicitis and intussusception were the two I was supposed to ask about. After waiting over four hours yet again, we finally got in to a room and saw a doctor. I must have terrible luck with doctors because the emergency doctor we saw was a witch. She told me that in her 20 years of being a doctor that she had only once seen a baby with appendicitis and that if Averi were to have had an intussusception that she would more than likely be dead already. Very calming to a first time parent, right? Not. Needless to say, she did a urine test, an x-ray, and then finally decided to do an ultrasound on Averi, for everyone's "peace of mind". And it was a good thing, because imagine that, the ultrasound showed that Averi did in fact have an intussusception. For those of you wondering, what in the world is that...? Not to fear, here is a definition: 

"An intussusception, also known as 'telescopic botty', is a medical condition in which a part of the intestine has invaginated into another section of intestine, similar to the way in which the parts of a collapsible telescope slide into one another.[1] This can often result in an obstruction."

The doctor immediately had the nurse start an IV on Ave and shortly after we were taken down to the radiology unit and into the operating area. She had to be strapped down to a little board in a cold room where they had to run a tube through her anal canal to push air through her intestines. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see her so scared and in discomfort. The whole procedure didn't last more than five minutes but felt like it took forever. As soon as it was over and she was able to be picked up, she calmed down within seconds and was smiling and waving at everyone. 10 months old, and she was the one who was calming me down! The procedure was done around midnight, and we had been admitted into the hospital so that she could be monitored for the next 24 hours, which is the time frame that, although not common but possible, the intussusception would reoccur. 

It just so happened that Averi would be in the 5-10% of babies that have the condition reoccur. Thursday afternoon she had another ultrasound done which confirmed the upsetting news and that evening she had the procedure done again. I couldn't stay in the room the second time around, I felt too fatigued and emotionally drained (not to worry, David was in the room with her). I felt as if my legs were going to give out on me and my head had started to spin, so I stepped out. The process was even shorter this time and was over in a matter of minutes, but again, felt like an eternity, this time waiting outside the door. 

The second procedure seemed to have worked and although we had to stay in the hospital until Saturday for her to be monitored, the important part is that we indeed did get to go home.

I am blessed to have a fiance, and father to my child who was there with Averi and I every step of the way. Who was able to hold his composure and be strong for me (and Ave) when I just couldn't. While this was a very trying time for us, it has proven that we can overcome the most difficult of situations as a little bitty family. I am also so very thankful for my family, without them, the past five days would have been a lot more difficult. My mom and dad who were supposed to be going on vacation to LA (wed-sun), drove back as soon as they knew Ave was going to be admitted, to be with us and help us in whatever way possible (and that they sure did). My Nana who waited in the waiting room for over four hours, and stayed with us at the hospital all night on Wednesday. Everyone who lifted our sweet angel up in prayer, and sent kind messages to us offering to bring us whatever we needed, you all are appreciated. And just as importantly, to all of our friends and family who took time out of their busy lives to come and visit Averi while she was in the hospital. Not only did you make Averi happy, you made us feel very loved and supported. You find out who really cares during hard times, some you expect, some you don't. 
Some pictures of Ave during her hospital stay, in her itty bitty hospital gown:

(she just LOVED being pulled around the hospital in the wagon)

So that is the latest! We are back home as of Saturday around 4pm, and so far, so good. While poor Ave is working out some constipation issues from all the procedures and diet changes, we seem to have our always happy, absolutely perfect little girl back. Please continue to lift her in your prayers for a complete recovery, and pray that the condition does not return. Thanks a ton! And hopefully from here on out, I can get to posting about the fun things that have been going on prior to our hospital stay! 


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You, too were very composed and courageous during an extremely difficult and emotional time. You are a wonderful mother and your love and care for Averi is a blessing to watch--she is a lucky little girl! I love you! XOXOMom

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