Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday With Nana

Averi and I went and spent the day with Nana, and we had such a wonderful time! We did some shopping, ran some errands, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Texas Land & Cattle. We were intending on going and organizing Nana's storage unit but it was a little too chilly this morning, hence why we ended up shopping and running around instead. The weather ended up being nice towards the afternoon but we didn't make it out to do our organizing, we were too busy enjoying ourselves! We stayed until about 5:30 and then headed home. Luckily, I never run into traffic going south on 183 from Cedar Park when I go home. 

Last night was David's night to cook, and I told him I would post a picture of his fantastic meal!

He cooked lemon and parsley chicken, squash with a balsamic vinegar topping, and a corn mix that had corn, avacado, red onions and salsa. It was so good! And the best part is that it was healthy too! Yep, I'm the lucky girl that gets to marry this guy! 

I snapped just a few pictures today, and a couple from yesterday. I figured I would post them since this is going to be a relatively short update.

Nana got Averi this frog, and she absolutely LOVES it. The frog goes everywhere with Ave. 

Another "David pose" for you!

We got this hat (it also came with matching little booties!) today at Kid 2 Kid, and Nana says it looks like a swim cap! Regardless, I absolutely love it! And it keeps Miss Priss' head nice and cozy and her little feet all toasty! Not to mention, it kinda matches her frog. 

As I was packing up to head home, Nana was holding Averi and as you can see from the pictures, we discovered that Ave was fascinated with the chain to the ceiling fan. It was pretty darling to watch her try and catch it. What was even funnier, is that she would pull the chain to turn the light off, but wouldn't pull it to turn the light on. Nana would pull it to turn it on after Averi had turned it off, and then Averi would grab it and turn it off again. Maybe she was telling us it was time for a nap!? 

Now, for some thoughts! Help us name Averi's frog! What do you think is a fitting name for her/him? (I think it looks more like a "she")

Peace, love, and blessings to all!

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Nina Tank said...

how is it that averi looks so much older than when I saw her last :( Tell David to bring that recipe to our bbq that we have already decided we are having hahaha :) MIss you both!

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