Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Somethings ♥

Sorry I haven't been blogging much over the last few days, we have had company in town, and on top of it, LD is sick as a dog! Bonnie and Brad came to spend the weekend with us (thank goodness for this long weekend!), and are heading back tomorrow evening. Poor David has been too sick to even socialize in the living room, he has been in bed all day long. Not to worry, he is well taken care of.

Before David got ridiculously sick yesterday, we were able to make it out to the Winfield for their open house so that Bonnie, Brad and Allison could see it for the first time. The weather was a mess, but it was so worth it, of course! Everyone absolutely loved it (as I knew they would), and I'm so glad they were able to see it. I snapped a few pictures just to post. They turned out a little blurry but I'll blame it on the weather! ;-)

The Winfield even has a rocking chair for Averi!

Ave and Aunt Alli in the gorgeous Winfield home!

Bonnie and her kids (Layla & Joesph), also in the house!

Isn't it just lovely? I can't imagine a more beautiful place to get married!



Ruthie Hart said...

your wedding venue is just breathtaking Ashlee!

KidscallmeALLI said...

BEAUUUUTIFUL!!!!!!! Love the picture of me and Ave, she looks too cute!! And I love Bonnie with her kids, the wine glasses were the perfect touch! haha

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