Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday somethings!

Ah, the weekend has come to an end, unfortunately. I enjoy having David all to ourselves (ourselves being Averi and I) during the weekend and not having to share him with a 9 hour work day! Greedy, aren't I!? Though I didn't get to be greedy the entire weekend. He had to work yesterday until two so that doesn't count. Oh well, I cherish the days we are able to spend sun up until sun down together, and of course, every day in-between.

If you read yesterday's post, you knew Ave and I went and hung out with my parents during the day while David was at work. Little Miss Princess was in such a good mood (as she always is), and had a blast playing with Gammy & Pawpaw. 

I was so proud, ole' Grandma is still able to get down on the floor to roll around and play with the babies! Just kidding, mother dearest, I've always known you were very agile. I love you more than a million Shamus!
 Later in the afternoon we drove out to see Stacy (older sister) and Johnny Boy's (brother-in-law) new house in The Mayfield Ranch subdivision, and let me just say... GORGEOUS! They chose such a beautiful forever home. One they can grow into and be able to expand their family and still have plenty of room! I can already see many fun family nights and outings happening there. Averi and Mason tired themselves out playing with each other in the HUGE living room while we looked around. We also got to visit with Stacy's in-laws (JB's mamma and poppa), Margie and Mickey who were in from out of town, visiting for the weekend. Our whole family just loves them, it is pretty much impossible not to! It was a nice treat to get to see them while they were in Austin. 

Today we got back into our Church routine! Yay! It had been a few weeks since we had gone, with my foot not in the best of shape, and just being way too busy, our schedule kinda got all off. I know, I know, that's no excuse but needless to say, we are back on track! 

So, The Super Bowl was this evening, eh? It honestly made absolutely no difference to me, and I maybe watched 30 minutes of it, total. More than anything, I just enjoyed lounging around, eating pizza with the family, entertaining Ave, and loving on my pup! 

Okay, so last but not least, and very random. I got the skinny girl (that's the brand) lip scrub last week and love it! I use it when I wash my face, and then put on a lip moisturizer afterwards and my lips feel amazing! It pretty much exfoliates your lips and leaves them so soft and smooth, I definitely recommend trying it for some luscious lips! ;-)
Wishing everyone a fantastic week! 

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