Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The new and improved....Moreno Movement!

I absolutely LOVE it! I am so excited about the new look, it makes me feel so much more motivated to blog regularly! A big thank you to Kim at 733 Custom Blog Designs, for the absolutely amazing design she created for me! I most definitely recommend her if you are looking for a blog makeover. While I totally applaud bloggers that design and create their own layouts for their blogs, I seemed to have left my skills in web design back in high school. And that is just fine, because I adore my new blog look, just as much as if I did it myself! 

Now.. Onto Valentines stuff! David and I weren't planning on doing anything big because we are intending on buying a house this year, and are putting a lot into savings for it. That being said, I couldn't not get him anything at all, that is just not me. The poor man has had a slow and well, lets face it, crappy phone (sorry LD!) for the past year and deserved to have an upgrade. With the help of my parents amazing phone plan, and my dad's discount, we were able to get a killer monthly deal with AT&T. So, needless to say, I got LD the iphone 4s for Valentines Day! I think I am just as excited about his new phone as he is, so now we can play games, facetime (since we are away from each other so much...not!), talk to Siri, etc, etc. Now, I wasn't expecting anything at all for Valentines because of the reasoning I mentioned above and because my new domain name, and blog design were supposed to be my valentines present, and that was perfectly fine. David totally ended up surprising me though, with the adorable Valentines Toms that I put in my "Things that make me happy" post! If you missed that post, you can see it here. While I absolutely love my new Toms, the part that just warms my heart is that my fiance actually pays attention to my posts and what I like. While I never asked him for the shoes, nor did I ever mention them to him, he knew I loved them (and would love them even more if they were on my feet ;-)) and went and ordered them for me!  I know, I know, so sappy. But he really has been so wonderful to me. 

Since David had to work today, Averi and I went and had lunch with Mom, Nana, and Dottie (a long time family friend who works with Mom). We had a lovely time and ate well! Of course, Grandma (& Grandpa) had (they really didn't have to, but of course, Mom claims she did) to get the babies a little something for Valentines. Averi got all sorts of cute goodies and snacks, and a super cute outfit, all wrapped in a precious bag with a balloon tied to the handle. Averi especially loved the pink heart clapper and was playing with it all evening. Not only do my parents spoil Miss Priss, they spoil us as well! They gave David and I a $25 gift card  to the movies to go enjoy ourselves, and even offered to babysit (haha, I think that is the real reason they gave us the gift card)! Regardless, I love them so much and am so thankful to have them as my parents and Averi's grandparents! 

I almost forgot! I also made David chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered almonds! Since I have been having so much luck in the kitchen lately, I figured instead of spending an arm and a leg to go buy them, that I'd just make them! They turned out so cute, and super delicious, even David said so. 

And, in addition to my shoes, I was treated to an absolutely amazing dinner in the comfort of our own home! No lines, and no crowded restaurants! David made us grilled squash, crab stuffed salmon, grilled tomatoes with a delicious garlic sauce, and salmon patties that had cheese, and cranberries in them. I seriously have not had such a wonderful meal in a really long time. 

Last but not least, as I promised, I got some pictures of Ave in her new scrap tutu. Now, my little model was totally not having picture time. She was either yanking at the rosette on her tutu or trying to pull off her hat. And it is so not easy to take pictures of babies that want to be everywhere but taking pictures. 

Is she not the most beautiful baby you've ever seen?!

The tutu looked absolutely precious on her!

You see, I was so not kidding when I said she was trying to take her hat off!

And this was her sitting quietly in just a diaper, imagine that!


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