Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Madness

Ha, it really wasn't as hectic as the title makes it sounds, I promise. Averi and I were stuck inside all day because it was just too chilly to head to the park to walk, and not to mention, it was sprinkling off and on during the day. I was able to get a few loads of laundry done and tidy up a little around the house while Ave watched her new Baby Einstein video. Other than that we did the usual; played, napped, lunch, played some more, and napped some more... You get the picture. David got off at 5:30, and we picked him up at the front to head to the Pediatricians office. We had to get Averi's follow-up flu shot, and I wanted the doctor to take a look at her ears since she is constantly messing with them. As we had figured, her ears looked perfect, no signs of infection, swelling or anything that would indicate a problem. She just has a fascination with not only her ears but ours as well! It is pretty adorable, I just wanted to be safe and have them check to make sure we weren't over looking anything. The shot was heart breaking, as usual. I just hate to see those tears run down her kissable chubby little cheeks. Though, David and I agree, we definitely have an angel of a baby. Minutes later she was back to her happy self, and snuggling in Daddy's arms. Oh! And our little Princess weighs in at 19 pounds now, she is growing so fast! It is so hard to believe that in 4 measly months, she will be a year old! I told David the other day, that I feel like Averi just completes us and our little family. And I know I have said it before, but I could not be more proud of the man I am marrying. The love and patience he has for not only me but our daughter just makes my heart swell with pride. I really feel for the moms and children out there who have men and fathers who have not stepped up to the plate of parenthood. I can't say I understand how it feels, but I will say that I sympathize, because being a mommy is not for the faint of heart. Anyways, Averi is so much fun right now, and seeing her learn new things every day reminds me just how blessed we are to have such a happy and healthy baby girl. I also could not ask for a better family to surround Averi with. Every time we go to visit my parents, and I see the love and compassion they have for their granddaughter, it makes my heart happy. She is one loved little girl, and has all the reason in the world to be! 

Moving on...It was bound to happen! I decided tonight, to try out a package of broccoli and cheese soup mix that I had in the pantry for dinner. It looked pretty tasty, and after all, it seemed like a soup kinda night! Let me just say, it was not nearly as scrumptious as it looked. It turned out entirely too thick and was just not what we had in mind. At least I know I can ax that one off the "keep list". We ended up dumping the sloppy soup, and opting for oatmeal instead. My oatmeal is always delicious so I wasn't worried about that recipe. Ha. We added sliced up bananas and a handful of cranberries, it definitely hit the spot! 

In wedding planning world, I've been a little bit of a procrastinator and am trying to get on the ball. The months are flying by much quicker than I imagined! I have at least finished the guest list, got the dress, veil and hair piece, colors chosen, bridesmaids dresses, have the venue, put the deposit down for our cupcakes, deposit down for the DJ, lighting, monogram, and photo booth, amazing photographers chosen... oh, and I think I have my shoes picked out! ;-) Now to focus on the invitations, minimal decorations, so on and so forth! Gosh, I'm exhausted just reading it all. Thank goodness for my dear mother, she has done oh, pretty much everything thus far. I'd be lost without her help and sometimes annoying persistence! ha, love you mom! 

Okay, I'm off to bed, no pictures today, will be sure to make up for it tomorrow! Good night! 

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Ruthie Hart said...

Just reading about your sweet baby girls makes me SO excited to start a family with Jon!

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