Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heart "Felt" valentines headband!

Hola! At the moment, I am over at my parents visiting with Ave while David is working.  PawPaw wanted to spend some time with Averi since he had been out of town all week and hadn't gotten to see her. I absolutely love coming to my parents and hanging out. As I have gotten older, it's very clear to me that the best friends you will ever have in life are your family! :-) And mine are one in a million.
Before John and Allison came over last night, I decided to put some of my odds and ends I had in my craft closet to use! I made Averi a Valentines headband out of a plain red headband and some felt hearts, and of course the glue gun. It was so simple, but turned out super cute!

I put the glue on the headband, rather than the hearts, that way I could stick the felt hearts in whatever way I wanted. I then layered the pink hearts with the smaller red ones to give it a little more pizzaz!
The finished product on my beautiful model:

Not too shabby for my first try!

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