Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Craft: Adorable Bow!

Cheers to me! *happy dance* I completed my first bow from start to finish and took pictures along the way! It is so super cute, and I know with more practice they will only get better! The best part... All the money we will save since I will no longer need to pay outrageous amounts for cute bows (unless of course, I find one I just can't live without ;-)). 

Here is what you'll need: 
♥ Scissors
Measuring tape (or stick, whichever you prefer)
♥ Ribbon (you really only need one pattern, but it's fun to play with more than one)
♥ Fray Check/Stop
♥ Wax Paper
♥ Jewelry Wire
♥ Alligator Clips (I got two different kinds, but ended up using the plain clips vs the ribbon covered)
♥ Hot glue gun (not in the picture because I had it warming on the counter)

You will need to begin by cutting two pieces of ribbon. One will need to be 30 inches long, and the other will be 8 inches long. After you have your cut pieces of ribbon, take the longer one and drape it over your hand. 

Then wrap the ribbon around your hand twice, so that the ends are facing opposite ways. I tried to make sure that my ends had about the same about of ribbon on each side. 

Take and set the folded ribbon on a flat surface (I used my kitchen table). I also found you kind of have to pinch the edges in order for it to somewhat stay folded. 

Now, pinch the middle to form your bow. Take your jewelry wire and wrap around your pinch/middle of bow to hold the bow's shape. Don't stress too much about how your bow looks while pinching it. You are always able to play with it and turn it into the bow you want after you fasten the shape with the wire.

Grab your second, smaller ribbon and fold one side over the other. Then pull your top side through the middle of the fold, creating a knot. 

Place your newly created knot over the center of your actual bow. This is what will cover your lovely looking jewelry wire. This is where you bust out your hot glue gun (can you believe I only just recently bought myself a glue gun!? It is only a mini, but is God's gift to crafting!) and glue your knot to the center of your bow. Make sure your knot is nice and stuck on the bow and then wrap your excess knot ribbon around the back. Trim your ribbon so that you can glue the two sides to the back. (If you are concerned about cutting the ribbon too short, you can always glue first then trim the extra)

I created two tonight, one with the same pattern ribbon for the knot, and one with a different pattern knot. I think I like the same pattern one better. Above, is obviously the one with a different pattern knot. Below is the same pattern knot. 

Almost done! Tear off a a sheet of your wax paper and clip the wax paper in between your alligator clip. This is to prevent gluing the clip shut when you glue your bow to the clip. I dabbed the hot glue to the back of the bow and then stuck it onto the clip, that way I had a little more freedom with where I put it. 

The last and very important part! Make sure you fray check the edges of your ribbon! I know I cannot stand when bows or edges on cute ribbon accessories start to unravel. It drives me nuts! By dabbing the edges with Fray check, you will prevent that. And there you have it! Your completed, simple, but absolutely adorable bow! 

My finished product, I just love it!! 

I couldn't test it out on my model because she had already gone to bed, but I will be sure to snap a few pictures with it on her tomorrow! 

Hope you enjoyed making your bow as much as I did mine, I see this being something I will do often! And it really didn't take me long at all to complete it. 

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Angie said...

love ittttttt! We should get together and bow it up when I get back, I have more ribbon than I can keep up with!

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