Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

  • What a wonderful weekend we had! David's sister Erica, and his nephew Eric surprised him with a visit on Saturday around noon. Erica had called me on Monday and told me her plans for coming up on Saturday to meet Averi and surprise David. I was thrilled and looking forward to it all week. Needless to say, the week went by super slow, as it always does when you are looking forward to something. The visit was wonderful, and Averi just loved getting to meet and spend time with her new (to Averi, that is) aunt and cousin! Not to mention that because of our guests, it gave us a reason to cheat a little on our diet! Muahahaha! 
  • Yesterday, I decided it was time to install Photoshop onto my laptop! I did a cleanup of the hard drive and a defrag and was on my way to amazingness. Let me just say, I have LOADS to learn with PSP Elements 10. Ahhh, overwhelming but so very exciting. While the tutorials online are great, I am most definitely ordering a book on the software. I like to be able to search for something in the index and flip right to what I need. And when we get into a house (which will hopefully be here in the near future), I will definitely be investing in a desktop vs a laptop. The laptop is great but there is some definite lagging with the new software installed. Here are just a few pictures I was playing with before bed last night: 

I was quite pleased! Not bad for a beginner! :-) I thought I had photoshop years ago, and turns out it was Paintshop Pro that I had. At the time it was very similar as far as layers and masks and such. But I am definitely a photoshop fan now. Okay, I now must venture out to the grocery store. It is my turn to prepare dinner tonight! I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out! 

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