Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits!

Well, I forgot to bring my camera in to take pictures at dinner, imagine that! Oh well, next time. Probably best anyways because my little ladybug was not the happiest baby this evening. She wanted nothing to do with anyone but Mom and Dad for a while. She is for sure teething again, and I feel bad for her because I know she is in pain and has no idea why. Hopefully those teeth take it easy on her so I can have my sweet baby back. 

Tomorrow we are going to see Nina and Amelia and I am so looking forward to it! It is so nice to have a friend that is also a mommy with a baby girl close to Averi's age. As excited as I am for Averi to be around another baby girl, I am equally excited to be able to have someone to hang out with and gab to who is at the same point in life that I am (not to mention, my same age too!). The even cooler thing is... Nina and her husband, Travis, are photographing our wedding! Hope she doesn't get sick of me! :-)

Speaking of pictures... I was going through my pictures on my computer (yes, I do this often), and decided I was going to post a couple of my favorites each day, in addition to new ones. So here we go!

Such a beautiful baby from the very beginning! 

Look at how tiny she was!

The days when my little Bean slept non-stop! 

Okay, off to fold some laundry and hit the hay. Please continue to keep my mom in your prayers for healing and relief with her back pain. A few other prayer requests, too... Please pray for my adorable little nephew, Mason, he has a sinus infection and isn't feeling so hot. Also, my cousin Trey is going to Chicago tomorrow and then back to his job site in North Dakota on Monday, please pray for safe travels for him! 

-Love to you all-

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Ruthie Hart said...

awww I love your pictures!! So cute to see a sleeping baby (and sleeping parents!). I am so glad you and Nina are getting mommy time, very important! And that must be a whole lot of cuteness between Amelia and Averi!

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