Monday, January 16, 2012

Random updates!

Not a whole lot has been happening lately, and by that I mean that I haven't been taking tons of pictures like I normally do. The weekend was good, I met an old friend for lunch Saturday afternoon and we ended up spending most of the day together! It was really nice getting to catch up with her and just getting out and about with a friend. We celebrated my dad's birthday with just our immediate family on Saturday evening. My mom made her famous lasagna and garlic bread with a side salad for dinner, and for desert she made her "to-die-for" carrot cake. I kid you not, it is the best carrot cake I have ever eaten. We sat around and visited for a while afterwards till it was time to head home. David had to miss out on Saturday's events because he was taking a 10 hour training class to get his concealed handgun license. He really enjoyed the class and learned a ton of valuable information, so much so that he said he would go again and just sit in on the class if I wanted to go and take it! I am so proud of him and knowing that our family's safety is his number one priority just adds to my list of why I love this man. :-) Sunday, my parents watched Averi so we could give our home a detailed cleaning.. Needless to say, it took a while. We went through every nook and cranny, donating to salvation army what we didn't use or wear anymore. We still have a few areas we didn't get to go through, so that is on our to do list. 

Today was a fun day! Averi had her first playdate with another baby GIRL! And mommy (me, haha) got to have social interaction with another momma, which was fantastic! Thank you Nina and Amelia for making the trek to come visit us, Averi and I are looking forward to our next outing! 

I had my follow up appointment today for my foot, and the doctor did say it was healing. He showed me the X-Ray from today and i was able to see how the bone was gradually bridging. He said it is a slow process and it will still take a while but I am on the road to recovery. He also gave me a post-op shoe to start wearing, taking the place of the boot that I have had on. I am still able to wear the boot, if it is more comfortable with my pain level but I am supposed to gradually wear the shoe more and more often. Thank you for all of your prayers and support during this frustrating time! 

Tomorrow we are doing January birthdays in addition to visiting with my cousin who is in from out of town, at Mesa Rosa. I will most definitely bring my camera to snap a few pictures. I will post those tomorrow and also a few wedding updates/thoughts! 

PS. Please keep my mom in your prayers, as she has pulled something in her back and is dealing with a lot of pain. Please pray for relief and a speedy recovery! 

-Love to you all-

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