Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love my ladies!!

Well, this weekend went by super fast but was so much fun! I'm so relieved we were able to find the bridesmaids dresses and thank you to Stacy, Bonnie, Allison and Sabine for trying on so many dresses, and to the best mom in the world for going with us and being my sidekick! I really enjoyed getting to spend time with all of the girls (minus Lindsay, she couldn't make it) under one roof! Love you all dearly! The bridal extravaganza was a blast as usual, we got some great ideas and made some more decisions. Wahoooo! I get more and more excited every day! 

 Aren't they just stunning!? And nope, none of these are the dresses! You'll have to wait for the big day to see! 

Checking out color swatches for the dress we chose! 

Mom & Mason watching other brides try on dresses!

Meeting with one more photographer tomorrow! Hope it goes well!

-Love to you all-

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KidscallmeALLI said...

LOVE YOU!!! Such a fun day!!

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