Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday fun!

So, I was reading one of the blogs that I follow and adore over here at A Sorta Fairytale, and the post was about the importance of posting pictures of yourself on your blog, every so often. The way she described it made sense to me. You share so much with your readers about your life, and memories, happy moments, and sad ones, and so on and so forth. Your followers need to see the face behind the camera and keyboard. Now, yes, I realize that I only have oh, like 12 followers and most of them are very aware of what my face looks like, haha. But I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures for those who maybe read my blog but aren't following it (Lord knows that is what I did for the longest time). So here we go, enjoy my ever-changing looks and hair colors from over the years!


Funny thing, I thought I posted this earlier today. What do you know!? I open up my laptop and there sits my draft of this post, unpublished. Ha, what can I say, I guess I get easily distracted. So now, since it is entirely too late for me to be up, I will be going to visit my bed. Goodnight everyone!

-Love to you all-

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