Sunday, November 18, 2012

Park, Pearls & Pigtails ♥

We started our Sunday with a family trip to Mueller park. The weather was perfect, and Averi was an angel. She walked around the whole park and didn't fuss once. I know I have said it 103 times, and I will continue to say it... We are so thankful for such a good kid. She has her challenging days, just as any other kiddo, but for the very most part, she is SO well behaved. And I will be the first to tell you, we are proud parents! 

I have been shooting my pictures in black and white since my first photography class, because it helps me see differences in light. I brought my camera to the park this morning and played around a bit since it was such a fabulous day. I'm glad I did, because I captured some pretty precious shots. 


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hi friends! 

I have been Mrs. Moreno for almost a month now! It feels fantastic, and so different than engaged life! Just kidding, it feels no different other than not having to stress about planning a Wedding (even though my mom was the one who stressed the most)! :-) Let me just start by saying our day was beyond perfect, and more than we could have ever imagined! From the flowers to the cake, and the dinner to the DJ-- it was incredible! Even the littlest of details couldn't have been more fabulous! And what made it the most heart felt day for us was all of the people we shared it with. You guys mean the world to David and I, and we can't thank you enough for spending that unforgettable night with us. And thinking back on our Wedding day, the only minor letdown was close friends and family that RSVPed to share in our special day with us that never showed nor called/messaged/nada which was kind of a bummer but we definitely didn't dwell on it (though it is courteous to at least call or acknowledge it, come on now, it kind of is a special time!). Other than that, not a thing I would change, except extending the night! The reception went on until 10:30, when we had to wrap it up due to city ordinance, unfortunately. 

There is so much I want to elaborate on, but I figure it may be better to do separate posts about certain parts in more detail. For now, I will leave you with a sneak peak of the pictures!

Check back for more wedding posts in the coming days!



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time is FLYING!

My, oh my, the time is seriously flying by! I'm still trying to grasp the fact that in 42 days, I will be MRS. MORENO! In 3 days, David and I will have been engaged for a year. I remember thinking when we chose our wedding date that it seemed so far away, and now we are a month out! I am so excited for our special day and will cherish every moment of it. 

From this weekend out up until our wedding day, we are booked! SO much going on! This Sunday is my 24th Birthday (I know, thrilling!), next weekend we will be headed to McAllen for a very special wedding, the weekend after that David and the boys head to Louisiana to go hunting for his Bachelor Party, the next weekend we are heading to the beach with my sister and her family, then we get a FREE weekend (though I'm sure it won't stay that way), next up is ACL weekend with my cousin, and then it is WEDDING WEEKEND! So, as I said, very very busy! Not to mention, our wedding is on Friday, and we leave for our cruise on that Sunday! I am so looking forward to it, though I know I will be missing my sweet angel girl terribly. 

Averi is doing fabulous! Growing like a weed. I love her more and more each day and could not be more proud of my daughter. She is kind, intelligent AND beautiful! :-) I cannot wait to see her walk/run down the aisle on wedding day in her adorable little dress.

Before I forget, our couples shower was PERFECT! We had so so so much fun, and really appreciate everyone that came to celebrate with us and all the wonderful gifts! I will dedicate a post just to the shower and pics in the near future! 

For now, this working woman is off to bed!