Wednesday, December 28, 2011

White Elephant Photos!

As promised, here are a few of the better pictures from White Elephant! 

Table full of WE gifts, as you can see, we have all shapes and sizes!

Guess the poop shoot frame. I gave you a fair warning last time.. our gifts can sometimes be downright WEIRD! Mom decided to frame pictures from her colonoscopy, and of course thought it was HILARIOUS! yuck. Stacy was the lucky winner of that one.

DJ received a beautiful...erm..angel(?) salt shaker. HA! I'm sure he will proudly display it in his kitchen. 

Aunt Sharon was the lucky one to get the bag full of belly button lint! Yum! LOL! Are you convinced we are crazy yet?! 

David posing with his Hillbilly dentist, what a handsome duo! 

Hahaha! Lindsay got stuck with the framed AND autographed picture of "Osama's mama".

Odie and her bag full of used makeup, just in case she left home without her own! lol. 

And Nana was the proud winner of the latest and greatest (and most used!) Ipad! This was one of mine and David's genius creations! 

And side note, Mom and Nana came over today to pick me up to go get fitted for my wedding dress and they just happened to slyly decorate our apartment with ALL of the White Elephant gifts that were left at the house. So this evening we have been finding these treasures all over, in the most random spots you could think of. Hanging from light strings, sitting on shelves, hanging on the Christmas tree, etc, etc.. I just have one thing to say.. Revenge is sweet, mommy dearest! Hope you are ready to have all of these treasures return home, they miss you and Nana. 

Man, what a fine looking family we are! We come by it naturally. Haha! 
Hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures from the annual White Elephant gift exchange, it is just a blast!
Now, it's off to bed I go, gotta wake up early for a doctor appointment in the morning. 

-Love to you all-

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