Friday, December 16, 2011

What a bummer!

Well, I had a lovely day up until around 6pm. Averi and I had lounged around at home until about noon and then we got ready and went over to my Parent's house to go to a craft show with Mom and Nana. The craft show was fun, not much handmade stuff, but as always, I enjoyed spending time with Mom and Banana. We had just gotten back from the craft show and my Dad got home from work minutes after we got there. The doorbell rang, (TJ, my parent's yorkie had decided to sneak out through the front door when we came home, and a lady had found him and was returning him) and I was headed to answer the door when I tripped and went crashing down the stairs. Luckily, there are only three steps but regardless, my foot and ankle took a pretty hard fall. I ended up in the ER with the diagnosis being a broken bone in my foot. :-( The pain has been excruciating and trying to maneuver on crutches is like me trying to dance...pitiful. The pain medicine has at least taken the edge off for now, but I can still feel the throbbing pain within the splint. They couldn't treat me in the ER because I needed to see a specialist due to the bone that I had broken being a tricky one to treat. Lucky me! All they were able to do was wrap my ankle and foot and then put me into what they described as a fiberglass splint. The doctor prescribed pain medicine and gave me orders to put absolutely no weight on my foot until I was able to see the specialist on Monday. There you have it. What an exciting start to my weekend. I am just so very thankful I was not holding Averi when I fell. And thank you, Mom, Dad, and Nana for all of your help this evening with everything. I'd be lost without my family.  

If you would, please keep me in your prayers for good news with the orthopedic specialist on Monday, and for a quick recovery. Having a broken foot, and having to use crutches with an almost 7 month old baby in a second story apartment is going to be a challenge. I will manage though, I always do. I hope everyone else has had a more peaceful start to the weekend. :-)

-Love to you all-

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