Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Time!

Every Christmas is exciting for me, but this Christmas I have so much more that God has blessed me with:
  • We have our beautiful daughter who will be experiencing her first Christmas this year!
  • It is the first and only year I will enjoy Christmas as an engaged lady with my FIANCE! Love the sound of that! 
  • It is the first year I get to buy a gift for my FIRST nephew, and label it, "love, Auntie Ashlee"! 
  • And my brother who lives out of state will be spending a whole week with us in Austin for Christmas!
Those are just some of the key points that make this Christmas a little more meaningful. Of course the reason for Christmas in general is the most important thing to remember during the Holidays, but I am definitely thanking The Lord for the added perks this year. Of course, just like every year, I absolutely love being with my family and enjoying all of the holiday cheer with them. 

Every year since I can remember, we have always gone to the 9:00 o'clock Christmas Eve service at our church (Bethany United Methodist), and then would head back to my parents to visit. This year we are going to the 5 o'clock service so that we can come back afterwards to visit and eat dinner without being rushed. And not to mention, that way the babies can still get to bed on time so Santa will come! :-) Christmas morning we all get to Mom and Dad's fairly early to open presents and have our traditional Christmas breakfast. Breakfast consists of Mom's delicious breakfast casserole and a TO DIE FOR pinch cake. Breakfast on Christmas morning is another one of those traditions we have done since I was a wee little girl. Now, later on in the afternoon, the rest of the family comes over (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, etc..) and we do dinner and White Elephant. I am posting some pictures below of past White Elephants and let me just warn you, our family does not do nice or sentimental White Elephant gifts! It is supposed to be funny gag-type gifts, and that we definitely do! It is so much fun and hilarious to watch, and I cannot wait to see what the family comes up with this year! Here are some pictures from past White Elephants: 

Pretty funny, right?! I'll be sure to post pictures from the treasures we come across this year! I have a couple pictures of our Christmas decorations and of Averi and Daddy working on Christmas lights, that I will post with my entry tomorrow! As for now, I'm hitting the hay, Averi and I have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow!

-Love to you all-

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