Sunday, November 27, 2011

Weekend, don't leave!

My oh my, how I have enjoyed the past few days. During the holidays, it is so hard not to be in a good mood. I love spending time with all of my family and especially love it when David has FOUR whole days off! That rarely happens (we're lucky if he has two days off in a row), and it was so nice. The time went by entirely too fast though. Today, we went and bought our new Christmas tree, and although it is only a six foot tree, we are so happy with it! It fits perfectly where we had planned to put it and looks just as if it belongs with us. I will post pictures when we get it decorated. Averi and I are going to buy lights for it tomorrow. This evening we also went to Red Robin in celebration of Mom's birthday, Lindsay's birthday, and Aunt Sharon's birthday. It was a lovely evening to end a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I was so excited to give my Mom the tickets that David and I got her to see Jeff Dunham (a comedian that she likes). I know her and my Dad will have a blast! 
(The Controlled Chaos tour is the one they will be seeing in February!)

Last but not least, my wonderful and kindhearted Nana is having some work done on her mouth tomorrow. I am sure everything will go well, but would really appreciate prayers for a speedy healing for her, and for relief from the pain she has been dealing with. And since I have mentioned her, here is a picture of my beautiful Grandmother--

I think that sums things up for this post, just wanted to share a little update as the weekend came to a close!

-Love to you all- 

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Baby Making Mama said...

How did your Nana's surgery go? Well I hope! I'm glad you're in such a good mood! I love the holidays too :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog and my photos. I used my DSLR... My iphone works as my point and shoot now :)

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