Friday, November 4, 2011

Just thinking..

So I had been thinking about how everyone has their own style of parenting and what works best for their family. And I have to say, with David and I being first time parents, I am pretty proud of how we have done so far. We have an extremely happy, healthy, wonderful daughter who brings so much joy to our lives! She sleeps in our room (no, not in our bed), in her swing, where she has slept since she was seven weeks old. And she absolutely loves it. She sleeps 10+ hours every night. Let me also add, she now has two teeth, one already broken through her gums, and one just about there. She has also been really congested the past week, with a stuffy (then runny) nose. That all being said, not once since she turned seven weeks has she woken up during the night, even during teething, and not feeling well! I know, I know.. I better knock on wood. I'm just so amazed at how well she sleeps at night, which allows mommy and daddy to get our sleep. I also don't really do the whole "cry it out" thing with Averi, only because she really doesn't ever cry unless something is really bothering her. And if that is the case, of course i'm not going to let her cry! I'm going to do whatever I can to comfort and soothe her. I'm so blessed to be able to stay at home with her and get to experience all of her firsts and learning new things, I wouldn't trade it for anything! 
Anyways, we are getting up early to go to a tailgate with David's sister, Sabine, for the UT vs. Tech game! Don't you worry, I'll snap some pictures! For now, i need my beauty rest, mornings are not my best friends! I'll leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures of my sweet pea and me...
This was minutes after she was born.. so perfect. 

Our days in the hospital, getting to bond...

And more recent ones that I just love.. (even though the lighting is terrible on this last one!)

Love to you all!

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