Thursday, October 20, 2011

stop growing, please!

My goodness, I just can't get over how much Averi has grown in four short months. It is almost like I have a hard time remembering how small she was unless I look at pictures. It seems like she was only that little for oh, a week! When people say, "Enjoy it, they grow up so fast," they sure aren't kidding. Averi already has her first tooth that has just BARELY broken through her gums. It is her top right front tooth (if you are facing her). I was so excited, and sad at the same time. My little baby girl already has a tooth! She has been very coordinated for some time now, and desperately tries to sit up by herself. She does pretty well, and as a matter of fact as I write this, she is sitting up in her bouncer by herself, just staring at me. She also loves her exersaucer, and playing with all the animals. She is such a good baby, I know we are so very lucky. Look at how much my sweet pea has grown! 

She was two weeks old in this picture, isn't she just adorable?!

And this is my sweet angel at four months old! Look at how she has changed! 

Speaking of, I must go feed the baby. She has had enough of my blogging for now. 


KidscallmeALLI said...
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KidscallmeALLI said...

I can't believe what she looked like at two weeks and what she looks like now!! I will never forget holding her for the first time and how happy I was for you guys! I am getting all emotional even writing this lol. Averi is so beautiful and you and David are such AMAZING parents! I can't wait to see her grow even more, and more, and more!!!

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