Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Project TuTu is a SUCCESS!

Okay, like I said in my previous post, I would update on how my tutu came out and.... It turned out SUPER cute!! I am so stinking excited and pretty darn proud of myself! I made my first one with hot pink and lime green tulle. My only mishap was using the wrong piece of elastic. I had cut the one I measured for Averi's waist and set it aside, then had to get up for something and forgot I had moved it to the side, so i grabbed the one laying on the bed which is a little too big for my baby girl's petite waist. Of course, I hadn't realized this until I was half way through with it. Oh well, I figure she will grow into it eventually! I will get a chance to make another for my younger sister for her Halloween costume, she is seventeen, so I'll get to try my hand at making a bigger one! I think I am going to start selling them, so if you have little girls or grandkids, or know of people with little gals, please tell them about me! They will be $12 a piece which is half of what I have seen them go for on places like Etsy, and Zulily. I know you are just anxiously awaiting the finished product picture, so here it is: 

Not too shabby for my first try, right? Here is one more: 

The flash makes it look less full, but don't you worry, this puppy is fluffy as all get out. And here is the last picture, since Averi isn't here to model it (she is at Grandma's tonight due to Mommy having strep), I used my trusty assistant: 

My assistant just does not do my tutu justice, poor guy doesn't have a chance in modeling.

I think my next one I will try adding sparkle, and a bow. But for now, that's all. I have strep and need to get some rest for this weekend's pumpkin carving contest and festivites! Hope you enjoyed my tutu as much as I did making it! Thanks for reading!

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